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EXMAN works with the best, highly specialised professionals to offer quality services.

To carry out our projects, we work with engineers, chemists, biologists and technical engineers who combine their extensive experience with the appropriate technical means in order to provide solutions suited to our customers’ needs at all times.  

The company’s basic functional organisation is made up of a series of highly effective departments, thanks to their perfect coordination.


Planificación y gestión eficaz

Effective planning and management: Where our administration, training and human resources departments are located.


We control all parameters

    • Water and soil analysis
    • Environmental Health
    • Technical Assistance

Technical office

Where we manage

    • R+D+I
    • Calls for tenders
    • Regulations
    • Projects
    • Engineering and technical consulting

Production areas

Everything we do

    • Head of Service
    • Operation and Maintenance staff
    • Head of Works
    • Production staff
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