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Improving quality of life in our society requires the creation and modernisation of infrastructures that respond to our current and future needs.

EXMAN S.L.’s human resources and equipment allow the company to undertake all projects with the quality criteria demanded of any works.

A focus on hydraulic works


We dedicate ourselves to hydraulic works,civil works roadworks (roads and highways)and urban infrastructure.

  • Hydraulic
  • Civil works and roadworks (roads and highways)
  • Urban infrastructure

Public and civil works


We construct public and purpose-built buildings, residential buildings and housing. We create sporting and industrialfacilities and refurbish buildings and houses.

  • Public and Purpose-Built Buildings
  • Building Restoration
  • Residential Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Sporting

A fundamental pillar


For years, we have been leaders in environmental restoration, conservation services and forestry works.

  • Environmental Restoration
  • Conservation Services
  • Forestry

More areas of action


Commitment to the pursuit of research, development and innovation in each area of our business  

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