About us

EXMAN is one of the leading companies in the Environmental and Public Works sectors.

EXMAN S.L. launched in 1990 as a company specialised in the management of water infrastructures, developing its business across various regions in Spain and Portugal.

In developing its activity, facilitated by the variety of technical and academic disciplines revolving around water management, EXMAN S.L. has managed to equip itself with a multidisciplinary team allowing it to operate in sectors related to Public and Private Works and the Environment.

Consolidated experience in the sector, the quality of works carried out and the continual care taken to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, together with the company’s organisational agility are the fundamental pillars upon which EXMAN S.L. supports itself for the development of its business strategy, allowing it to cover practically any sector related to Public Works and the Environment.

Our services


We offer solutions for water, bio-sanitation, environmental and waste management problems


We carry out each project in accordance with the quality criteria required for all Civil Works


We have several laboratories for water analysis in different geographic locations


Commitment to the pursuit of research, development and innovation in each area of our business

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